Start Up Website

Perfect for a new business or initiative.  
Your business card on the web.

$ 50.00

1 page

Business Pro



The sky is the limit.  
mobile friendly and
content managed for Google rankings

$ 450.00


Business Website

More than a business card.
Tell your story, show your goods and services.

$ 250.00

5 pages

Choose  for quality websites, service and hosting.

1000 + businesses, organizations and individuals have chosen Websoftsites as their website, email and hosting provider because of our attention and quality response to customer needs.  We build websites and long term relationships with our clients to cater to their everyday website needs.

Need another reason to choose Websoftsites?
Websoftsites has 16 years experience and has developed more than 1000 websites.  Websoftsites uses a content management system, that we’ve developed in house and continue to provide new website services and possibilities, at no additional cost to our clients.  

Our approach is based on the individual needs of our clients .  Our client base spans the US, Canada and Europe .  Websoftsites has registered premises in Toronto, Riga and now also in Birmingham, UK.

Websoftsites has designated servers in the USA and the UK, to guarantee your websites’ functionality as well as security. Our team of employees has worked together for many years, and we have a personal relationship with all of our clients, regardless of their location.

Where to begin, oh, where to begin?
With an email.  Drop us line at to find out which of our website packages best suits your needs. 

Why is Websoftsites better than other website developers?
Easy. Most website developers design your website and set you on your way, with no support. Not Websoftsites. We develop your website. We host your website. We set up and host your emails. We provide you an easy to use content management system to update or revise your website as often as you like, or even better, we’ll do it for you!

Whether you want to add a page, link your website to a social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, you get the idea), add an image gallery or a Google map, with your location or add an advertisement, we’re at your service. At no additional cost.

If you’re a Weboftsites client, you know you’ll be taken care of with no worries about your website, emails, hosting and service.

Can you make changes to your website?  Can you add or update images?
Yes.  24/7.  View, edit and or update your website whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

What is a mobile friendly website?  
Mobile friendly websites can be viewed on a desktop computer as well as on a smartphone or tablet. More and more people use the internet on their phones to get the information they need. That’s why your website needs to be mobile friendly.  All Websoftsites websites are mobile friendly.  At no additional cost.

Why do you need website hosting? 
Every website requires hosting so that it can be seen on the internet. With other website developers, they develop your website, but you have to find and contract a website and email hosting company. Hosting companies do not provide any support with your website.  If you want to make any changes, you’re on your own.  With Websoftsites, we take care of your website and email hosting. 

Why is Websoftsites better than any other hosting company?  
Websoftsites is a one-stop-shop. We develop your website, host it and provide our support to you and your website. Hosting companies only provide hosting and no support. We’re at your service every work day.

Do you have to pay if you want to make any changes to your site?
No.  It’s included in the monthly fee.  No unpleasant surprises with Websoftsites.  We inform you of all costs when we begin our relationship and no matter how many times you want to update your website, it’s all included in one regular monthly fee.

What if you don’t know how to update your website?
No worries.  Just contact us and we’ll either do it for you or show you how to do it yourself. Whichever option works best for you.

How quickly can your website go from just an idea to being live on the internet?  
From the moment you provide us the information you want on your website, we’ll have your website ready in 1 week.  

Can I upgrade from a Start Up website to a Business or Business Pro website? 
Sure.  All you have to do is pay the difference and we’ll work with you to add the new content and ideas you want.  

Have any other questions?
rite us ( and we’ll get in touch with you.  Get our team working for you!


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